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pierce me. pick me.

I still really want to get my nose pierced. There was a nurse that gave W a shot yesterday who had a cute little diamond stud in her right nostril. Adorable. Sexy. Totally me.

There is only one problem I have that is keeping me from getting the nose piercing... nose picking. Yes, you read that correctly. How in the hell do you pick your nose when you have a length of metal inside your nostril? Especially while the piercing is healing!?!

I mean, let's be honest here. I'm a nose-picking kinda girl. I don't like the boogies. I prefer to be boogie-free. Usually a moderate nose-picking session, complete with tissues, preludes a nightly bath. I tend to be ritualistic about it.

So what would happen to my ritual if I got the piercing? I refuse to contemplate that a nose piercing and nose picking might be mutually exclusive.

This isn't a decision to make lightly. Better continue to sleep on it for a while...

Until next time, here is today's list:

People reading books on treadmills. If you can read when you are on the treadmill, you need to just take your book and your fat-ass back to the couch.

People jamming tunes on treadmills. Think Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading. Awesome.

“Hold My Hand" - Hootie & The Blowfish

Students’ papers


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  1. you are so funny...when I had my nose done last time it did get in the way for a bit but after a while you cna resume picking. I prefer to be boogie free too.

    yeah I never understaood why people read on a treadmill...that would drive me insane.